Tooth Abrasion

Tooth abrasion can be defined as the loss of tooth structure that can occur on various tooth surfaces including the cutting surface outer enamel layer and even exposed root surfaces.

Tooth Abration

Tooth abrasion is not caused by one method alone but by numerous different activities. The main cause however can be due to brushing your teeth incorrectly. Brushing your teeth to hard, to fast or even using the wrong toothpaste can lead to serious tooth abrasion. Other causes of tooth abrasion include grinding your teeth, using your teeth as a cutting tool and chewing on hard objects. Chemicals such as acids cause tooth erosion. Usually the acids are in citrus fruits and other foods.

This can affect all types of people although the risk of tooth abrasion is highly affected among the people who suffer with gum disease. Tooth abrasion can occur gradually over a period of time or very quickly. Gradual tooth abrasion allows the body to reduce the severity of tooth abrasion as the body has sufficient time to repair itself. Quick tooth abrasion on the other hand can cause irreversible damage to the pulp and lead to the consequences of tooth abrasion, which not only include crocked teeth but also increased tooth sensitivity, infection and ultimately loss of the tooth.

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  • Have less Quantity of foods or drinks that contain acids.
  • Do not press hard when you brush your teeth. Use only a soft-bristled toothbrush.
  • Use dental floss and toothpicks properly.
Medications & Treatments
In order to prevent tooth abrasion firstly seek your dentist’s opinion on how to brush your teeth properly. Chewing on nails and hard objects such as pencils is also advised against as is using your teeth as a cutting tool. If prevention of tooth abrasion fails then the only option left is corrective surgery

Treatment for erosion and abrasion depends on how bad the damage is. For sensitive teeth, your dentist may recommend a fluoride gel or rinse to use at home.

  • Composites (plastic fillings)
  • Glass ionomers
  • fluoride varnish
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