Baby Bottle Syndrome

Baby Bottle Syndrome is called such because it occurs when an infant or child goes to bed with a bottle of milk, juice, or soda. The teeth are exposed to the sugars for a long period and the teeth decay quickly. The decay occurs because the sugary liquid settles around the front teeth.

It is important to clean your child's teeth daily and make sure fluoride is a part of their diet either with fluoridated water, fluoride rinse (make sure the child doesn't swallow it), or fluoride supplement. A periodic fluoride treatment at the dentist will also help keep the teeth strong.

Baby Bottle Syndrome

Baby Bottle Syndrome is the rapid decay of baby teeth in infants and children from frequent, long exposure to liquids containing sugars. Most often, the upper four front teeth are affected. This problem is caused by the baby or child falling asleep while drinking a bottle or while breast feeding. The sugary liquid from the milk or juice pools around the front teeth and reacts with the bacteria in the child's mouth causing tooth decay.

Common sources of liquids high in sugars are:
  • A bottle containing formula, milk, soda, or juice
  • A pacifier dipped in honey
  • Breast milk
Prevention & Treatments
  • Cleaning your child’s teeth daily
  • Not allowing your child to fall asleep with a bottle filled with juice, milk, or formula
  • Not allowing your child to sip on a bottle filled with juice, milk, or formula for long periods of time as a pacifier
  • Giving your child plain water when he or she is thirsty
  • Making sure your child gets the fluoride needed to prevent decay
  • Making regular dental appointments for your child beginning when their first tooth erupts

Never allow your baby to sleep with the feed bottle in his mouth. If the baby insists a lot, fill his bottle with simple water. Else, don’t allow the baby to sleep for 20-25 minutes after his nighttime feed. Also don’t allow the child to keep on sucking at the bottle all the daylong. This is only a bad habit and is not linked to the nourishment of the child. Clean the gums of your baby with a clean cloth after every feed and brush his teeth daily with soft and quality baby tooth brush like Baby Banana Bendable Training Toothbrush. You should get fluoride free toothpaste for this purpose, as it is safe for your baby. It’s best if you brush your baby’s teeth twice, once in the morning and second time before he falls asleep at night.

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