Dental Ankylosis

Sometimes the roots don't dissolve properly, and instead they fuse directly to the jawbone. The fusion may occur because the ligament that normally surrounds the tooth in the jawbone is lost. This condition is called ankylosis..


The causes for ankylosis vary; for example, the healthy ligament cells may dry up and die because any of these.

  • Inflammation or infection
  • Problems with metabolism or normal bone growth
  • Congenital tendencies
  • Gaps in the membranes around the tooth
  • Abnormal pressure from the tongue
  • Crushing or other damage
  • The ankylosed tooth appears submerged because its roots don't grow at same rate as other teeth.
  • The opposing tooth visibly loses alignment as it grows out of its socket.
  • The permanent tooth is blocked out of position because the primary tooth's roots failed to dissolve normally
  • Often we can diagnose ankylosis simply through observation. For example, a tooth noticeably lower in growth is a tell-tale sign of ankylosis. Also, with x-rays taken at regular checkups, we can view the development of permanent teeth that may be blocked by the primary teeth's roots.
  • Special, sophisticated instruments can be used to identify ankylosis. But one of the most reliable instruments is our ears! Simply by tapping on the teeth, we can hear a distinct difference between an ankylosed tooth and a normally growing tooth.
Medications & Treatments

Doctors suggest that an ankylosed tooth be removed as early as possible. One simple technique to isolate a healthy tooth from a ankylosed tooth is to tap it with finger and hear the sound. A healthy tooth makes cushioned sound, where as an ankylosed tooth makes a dull sound. Surgery with special instruments can treat this dental problem in children.

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